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Clips: Here are a handful of album reviews, profiles, Q and As, and other bits of music criticism I've written on behalf of The AtlanticInterviewPasteMAGNET, and the Nashville Scene. My work has also appeared at Consequence of Sound and Relevant.

NYU: On top of freelancing, I'm pursing an M.A. in Journalism at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Institute. I'm a member of the Magazine Writing track, and I'm enjoying the challenge of reporting stories outside my arts writing comfort zone, though that form may always be home. Aside from refining our traditional reporting skills, the small, brave Magazine cohort is also learning to tell stories through audio and video, and we are taking a closer look at how social platforms can be useful for, say, leveraging sources and deciphering the veracity of information in a crisis situation. I can take up to three internships for credit, so, you know, holler. Together we can make the world a better place.

Priors: Prior to NYU, I served as Interactive Project Strategist for Vanderbilt University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. I'll save the LinkedIn version of this role for, well, LinkedIn, but suffice it to say that I spent a lot of time at the South end of Alumni Lawn strategizing ways to leverage the web and social platforms to educate potential Commodores on what life is like on VU's pastoral campus.

Ancillary: I moved to New York from Nashville, where I lived for the better part of fourteen years. Prior to that I grew up skateboarding and playing caustic hardcore amid the Sprinnnnggg Breaaaakers of Panama City Beach, FL. Now I make music of a lighter sort and DJ on occasion.       

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