I write, sleep, and am often on my feet in New York City. I spent the first 18 years of 33 in Panama City, FL, and the rest in Nashville and Atlanta. There was a hazy two month stint in Malibu too.

From '96 - '05, I wrote music and toured in punk, hardcore, and Dischord-indebted instrumental bands. Since then I've released two quiet instrumental records and one surf music collection. Sometimes I DJ.       

Since 2009, my work has been featured in The AtlanticNew York ObserverInterviewPasteNashville SceneMAGNET, Consequence of Sound, Relevant and elsewhere. This summer I'll be checking facts at Vogue

Teach me how to surf?



P.S. Michael A. Muller took the homepage photo at Hammonds Beach in Montecito, CA

© Ryan Scott Burleson