Carry On

A new blog. Why? 

Great question.

Truthfully I felt like I couldn't start a new site without one. But I haven't worked out its purpose as of the new site's launch. I write semi-regularly for publications that receive far more traffic than this .com ever will and, as of right now, I have a full-time job that sometimes feels like two. 

It still seems necessary, though, if for no other reason than I need a reason to start writing for myself again. What better motivator than a stagnant column on an otherwise semi-lively site to make me feel embarrassed and therefore compelled to say something. Not for the sake of it (hopefully) but for the exercise. And, more than that, for the growth that's been hinted at in passing thoughts and daydreams of late. 

(One more step in that direction and I might actually have to follow through on something.)

Anyway, it's easy to feel romantic about a new start when you're A/sick with an impending cold B/drinking a good Malbec and C/listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas, OST. (It seems important to note that all three be present at the same time.) So I'll proceed with caution lest I commit myself to something that in reality will be a struggle to bring to fruition. I hope that's not always the case but it's true right now.   

Regardless, thanks for visiting the new home of my work, editorial, musical or otherwise. I'll do my best to give you a reason to come back. 

Until then, Merry Christmas.