Adam Gold on Efforts to Rebrand Nashville

The cover story in this week’s Nashville Scene is both enlightening and inspiring. Having just moved back to Music City earlier this year, I had no idea Mayor Dean was working so hard to overhaul the city’s one-note image. There may be little-to-no budget, but it’s worth noting nonetheless the private-public strategy that’s driving the effort:

”’I think one of the strongest things we have in Nashville is that we are constantly bringing in — as capital — creative people,” says Mayor Dean, answering this reporter’s first question with a minutes-long outpouring of enthusiasm. “Whether it’s songwriters or musicians or performers or technicians, we’re bringing in people whose talent is their ability to be creative. They revitalize the city.’

Dean wants to continue to court those bright minds to Nashville and see them sow the seeds of cultural, technological and economic development. He wants to capitalize on the Music City brand. Yet while he recognizes that brand as a powerful magnet to entice new businesses, lure tourists and inspire artists and innovators to seek refuge here, it’s one that needs a makeover.”