Articles: Collecting History: John Peel, J Dilla, and the Record as Artifact | Features | Pitchfork

The act of archiving an extensive record collection, whether it’s one’s own personal set or that of a legend, is founded on the idea that space exists to hold time. A 12” LP record or a 7” single is a delivery mechanism for particular durations of music. Store a bunch of these in the same space, and there are days, possibly months, of music, neatly filed (digitally, of course, this can be quantified down to the second). This is why one of the first questions people ask of collectors is, “When in the world do you have the time to listen to all of this stuff?” For collectors like Dilla and Peel, the act of accumulation— building a library or simply hoarding— is as much a part of the appeal as is actually listening to (or “using”) the music.