I Should've Gone to Big Ears Fest After All


“Combining the essences of different kinds of music used to be a stroke of creativity. Now it’s almost a rule of commerce. The word eclecticism has been used so much for the last 30 years that it has become meaningless — a sad, grasping pile of obstruents and sibilants, like a dying fire’s last pops and hisses.”

— Ben Ratliff, in an excellent piece for the New York Times about the Big Ears Festival that took place in Knoxville this past weekend. 

Too much on my plate to attend myself, I unfortunately missed some of my favorite composers and artists of the last few years: jjNosaj ThingWilliam Basinski, Dirty ProjectorsDJ /ruptureBen Frost and Tim Hecker.

After reading Ratliff’s story, there’s no chance I’m staying home next year.

(Photo via Tim Hecker