Getting Lost and Found in Black to Comm

We live and die by the music selections we make driving through a city as swamped in mid-afternoon traffic as Atlanta. In my car today, covering a relatively small number of square miles in a few hours, I was quite fortunate to spend some time with the seasonally-appropriate ambient drone of Black to Comm’s newest record, Alphabet 1968* (Type). The word ‘drone’ might throw some off, though in this case, it shouldn’t. Much like The Caretaker’s Persistent Repetition of Phrases, Alphabet 1968 slowly layers original piano and stringed composition over found sound and field recordings, creating gorgeously haunting melodies that evoke a surreal, dreamlike state-of-mind. I’d be wary of how much I sound like a hippie, but today’s passing collage of autumnal trees — soundtracked by Black to Comm — demand no other descriptive style. Besides, this video for Alphabet highlight “Hotel Freund” is hardly granola:

Hotel Freund (MP3) from Alphabet 1968

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*The record’s title is perhaps a nod to David Lynch’s debut short-film, ‘The Alphabet’, which was released in 1968, though I’ve yet to confirm this is the case.