Chris made Christy this video while away in California.

“I really miss Chris. It’s been a hard 4 and a half months with him living in California…but he’s in China right now for work, and we can’t talk at all. I’m just really ready to be living in California, hanging out with Chris every single day. Less than 2 months away until our wedding. GET HERE SOON, DUDE.”

Man, a few things here:

One, this video makes me really long for California. I was only there for 2 months, but those halcyon days managed to leave quite an impression. In no way is this video about me, however, so moving on …

Two, as someone who spends a lot of time around prospective brides and grooms, it’s easy to grow numb to these kinds of cutesy overtures, though I find it impossible not to be moved by Christy and Chris’ obvious adoration for one another.

Three, and completely unrelated to this video, Chris is in China hanging out and filming the skate legend Tony Hawk. While I sympathize with Christy for not being able to speak with him, how ridiculous is that?

Stoked for you two, Chris and Christy!