David Bazan's New Christmas 7"

The freaks have gone to rest and the more Rockwell-ian holidays are on the horizon. And, though I’m psyched about the bounty of Southern cooking that awaits me in a few short weeks, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. 

No, for me, the first semblance of Christmas is always the arrival of a new David Bazan Christmas 7”, and today brought such an occasion. Limited to just 1000 copies (200 Orange, 400 Opaque Red and 400 Opaque Yellow) from Suicide Squeeze, the new release features a Bazan original, “I Wish My Kids Were Here,” and an updated version of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” (Bazan covered “I Heard the Bells …” on one of his first Christmas 7”s, but has revised a few of the lyrics and the entire arrangement here).

And, don’t miss Bazan singing of lowly Nashville, TN on Side A! If you’ll remember, he also characterized Music City residents as “some of the most delusional people in the country” at his Next Big Nashville performance in September. Between the drunken, court-restrained father in “I Wish My Kids Were Here” and that little barb, Bazan fans outside of Nashville must think we’re a classy bunch. Thanks, David.

I know plenty of people in Nashville who adore his work (myself included), so who’s complaining? Ultimately, it’s akin to being picked on by Carles, which is more of an honor than anything else, if you ask me.

I ripped these tracks from the 7” so you could hear the thing and then purchase it.

I’ve been asked to remove the rips. Sometimes not knowing is part of the fun, anyhow.

The tracks are worth your money. Support Bazan.