This Day Will Be Good: Deerhunter Played New Material on the BBC

I typically strive to make Slowblog more than just another Pitchfork/Stereogum-copping mp3 blog, but a great sounding live rip of new Deerhunter material is reason enough to fulfill that role today. Thanks to, well, Pitchfork, this guy and Marc Riley of the BBC, we’re treated to “Helicopters,” a song that contains every element I love about the band: swelling, ambient atmospherics; chimy, girl-group guitar melodies that become immediately memorable (I’ve been humming this tune all morning); and an adoration for pop music that doesn’t betray their more obtuse roots. Few bands have ever been able to marry the odd and accepted the way these guys have been able to do over the course of their relatively short, but prolific careers.

It’s always exciting to hear new material from this group, individually or collectively, but “Helicopters” caught me off guard in the best way possible. Download this song. I implore you.

“Helicopters (Live on the BBC)” (MP3)

Bonus: Bradford Cox posted the newest in his series of micromixes on Sunday for free download, per usual.