The Most Profound, Ill-Written Decade-End Music ‘List’

If you’re at all interested in mainstream and ‘indie’ culture analysis, spend the time needed to ingest Carles’ ‘Most Authentic/Relevant/Successful Artists of the Decade …’ monster post over at Hipster Runoff. No joke; Give yourself 30 - 45 minutes. Carles filters a massive amount of information and opinion through his characteristically alternating humility and snark, giving us the most sober, amusing longview on ‘aughts’ music found in the flurry of year/decade-end lists.

If you’re new to Hipster Runoff, don’t let the txt msg spelling and common grammatical errors — perhaps intentional — fool you. Carles expands on the conversation initiated by more widely-read music critics, slowing down to absorb medium, message and brand. In his fouler moments of Perez Hilton-styled gratuitousness, Carles can be off-putting, though any HR reader thirsty for a truly singular “voice” must be prepared to face it all. It’s no wonder that Carles’ prominent contemporaries are beginning to take notice.