In Place of Albums, Re-imagining Songs as Complete Expressions

Air France is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden that came across my radar in 2007 when I was researching music for a short-lived, tropical-influenced DJ tag team I was involved with. Their excellent track, “Beach Party”, didn’t deliver the propulsion our sets required, but the duo’s breezy electronica stuck with me, nonetheless. Two years later, their great No Way Down and On Trade Winds EPs (Sincerely Yours) and steady output of remixes, have become regular fixtures at home and in, well, classier DJ sets.

Written as a love letter in three parts, “GHB Belongs to Us” (streaming above and available as a download below) is new release from Air France. It’s self-described as a “selection of love letters to the places and the people who makes this town a lovely one to live in. To everyone who’s heart skips a beat at the sight of an intersection, feeling dizzy at the amount of routes available, and to everyone who believe that a city is not just a home, it’s a lifelong companion.”

We’ve all heard of concept records. “GHB Belongs to Us” is a concept song that’s supported with a video and a manifesto on the promise of pop music. Here’s a teaser of the video and song:

Kindred spirits of Air France’s blend of tropical, electronic-infused pop include: Javelin, The Tough Alliance, Delorean and JJ.

Download: GBG Belongs to Us

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