Thank the Lord for the Jurados and Twitter

Long ago, I had to get my Mom to drive me to FYE or Turtle Music in Panama City to hound stoner record clerks for release dates. All I needed was the tiniest parcel of news to sustain me for weeks until a hard copy of some hotly anticipated punk record hit the shelves.

Now, we’ve got real-time access, for better or worse, and we can go straight to the source. Seeing how most in the indie-hype press won’t cover Damien Jurado’s newest release anyway, I suppose in this case I can stop lamenting the loss of genuine excitement over new music and be thankful for Sarah Jurado’s Twitter feed. I’d otherwise have no idea her husband created what I’m sure will be another crucial addition to an already prolific body of musical Americana.

Two selections from Jurado’s most recent LP, Caught in the Trees:

Last Rights” (MP3) (Streaming above)

Everything Trying” (MP3)