Take Cover! Damien Jurado Vs. Nick Drake

Another day, another Jurado post. I swear I didn’t plan this, but a few days ago — before I knew he and R. Swift would drop Other People’s Songs Vol. 1 — I wrote about his cover of “Pink Moon” in my weekly column for MAGNET. I mean, there’s really no time that’s not good for Jurado’s music, but I’ve featured him so much on Slowblog that I’m wondering if folks are starting to wonder if I have some sick fascination with him.

I have folks, right?

Anyway. I want to point out that there is a recorded version of the “Pink Moon” cover available that sounds much better than the YouTube take I shared in the column. If you were lucky enough to grab the song, along with four other Drake covers, from Jurado’s blog in 2006, then great. For the rest of you, I’ve neatly zipped up the files for your downloading pleasure.