New Memoryhouse 7" — "Caregiver"

Gorilla vs. Bear is streaming new material from the ambient pop band Memoryhouse, a two-piece from Ontario that I interviewed at-length a few months ago for CoS. I’ve also embedded the song, “Heirloom,” below, in addition to the single’s A-side, “Caregiver,” courtesy of Danger Village.

My fondness didn’t stop at the CoS piece, either. I wrote about them again for Magnet in September, using my weekly column to praise their infinity worthy cover of “Foreground” by Grizzly Bear. Yes, I’m excited about these two, Abeele and Nouvion.

You can pre-order the Caregiver 7” from Suicide Squeeze here. Pre-orders ship on November 15th.

Memoryhouse- Caregiver by dangervillage

Heirloom - Memoryhouse by memoryhouseonice

We shouldn’t forget that the Memoryhouse moniker comes from the album of same name by composer Max Richter, who released his gorgeous infra record earlier this year on Fat Cat. Due to its modern classical style, it probably won’t be on any year-end lists, but it definitely should be. Don’t let that one slip through the cracks.