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Junior Boys

Unfortunately, I won’t be in attendance for Junior Boys’ Nashville appearance tomorrow evening, but I love the band so much that I Picked them in this week’s Scene anyway. These guys are seriously so good live — don’t miss this if you’re in town. Here’s my Pick:

“When most people ascribe the phrase “thinking man’s music” to a genre, they’re likely invoking some variation on folk or classical — certainly not synth pop. Aside from IDM and the growing number of modern compositions that undergird organic strings and woodwinds with synthetic beats, electronic music has historically been made to free its fans from thought. That, of course, is part of its appeal. Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan doesn’t believe it has to be an either/or proposition, however. Starting with 2009’s vastly underrated Begone Dull Care, an homage to the mid-century animator Norman McLaren, and continuing with It’s All True, the Canadian duo’s new album named for the unfinished Orson Welles documentary/propaganda piece that perpetuated the divide between the iconic director and Hollywood in the early ‘40s, Junior Boys have successfully married an academic thoughtfulness to a sound that’s typically reserved for venues brimming over with neon, booze and sweat. That’s not to suggest Junior Boys are immune to a good time — there has never been a shortage of svelte, stomp-inducing grooves on their albums or remixes for other artists — but the grand historical figures and inspirations Greenspan draws from should not be overlooked. For once, intellectual pursuit and fun aren’t mutually exclusive.” 

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