New Damien Jurado: "Diamond Sea"

See, I told you those Jurado Twitter accounts would come in handy:

According to Jurado’s sparsely updated blog, he just finished his new record, Saint Bartlett, in Cottage Grove, OR with his friend Richard Swift, and the record should see the light of day in May. Jurado’s sentiments about the recording process for Saint Bartlett are worth noting:

” … The experience was incredible and was everything i hoped for. three weeks set aside to record the album, were cut down to one week. this included mixing. vocals and guitar done live and for the most part in one take. i didn’t want to fake it. my days of doing a guitar take and then vocal overdubs were over. capture the performance. it’s what i love about “oar” by skip spence, and countless other great albums that i hold in high regard. richard was/is brilliant. what else is there to say? he’s an old soul. the hardest part now, is not being in the studio again, right away. if i could, i would just make records with him only.”

A couple of other Jurado notes:

If you live in Austin, my friends in Balmorhea are playing a release show for their incredible new record, Constellations (Western Vinyl) Friday night at Central Presbyterian Church; Jurado is fittingly also on this bill.

Damien plays in a side-project, Hoquiam, with his brother, Drake. Hoquiam is releasing its eponymous debut LP on St. Ides next week, February 23rd.