Sasha Frere-Jones: "It's Pitchfork and NPR; the rest of us are just part of the conversation"

” … basically that was the beginning. And Greil Marcus wrote a nice note about something I wrote. I wrote a very insulting piece about [Sonic Youth/Pavement offshoot] Free Kitten. Not insulting; I wrote a very critical, negative piece about Free Kitten. It wasn’t insulting, it was fact-based. They were just terrible and that’s all I said. It’s nice to have Greil Marcus say something nice about you, but … I had a day job writing copy for a company, I was married, I started having kids. I was just a guy in a band. [But] I kept getting invitations – after the Voice, people asked me to write more and more. It became better for a parent than being in a band, logistically. The band broke up organically and, luckily, about a year after, The New Yorker called me.”