SLEEP ∞ OVER: “Sun Spots”

Chris from GvB is dead-on (again), making the Grouper comparison to “Sun Spots” by hazey Austin trio SLEEP ∞ OVER. Traces of My Bloody Valentine in the swirling guitars; Best Coast in the misty, hummable vocals; and Liz Harris herself in the tinny, reverb wash of the production work together to create a standalone piece that makes me itch for the white sands of my hometown and some sun spots of my own.

Does the song have any lasting value outside its time and place? I’m not quite sure yet. Recently, I’ve wondered if we’re so ready to don the seemingly self-replicating, L.A. Times-approved wave of lo-fi, girl-dominated artists with a healthy share of loaded adjectives because we’re eager for a sunny escape, metaphorically and literally, no matter which songsmith delivers the cure.

Are Best Coast, Pearl Harbor, SLEEP ∞ OVER et al. really good, or do they simply work on an interchangeable, yearn-for-your-listless-days-of-high-school type level? Does it even matter if their songs make you feel something? Does identity matter in niché genres or is the utilitarian adherence — however devout — to psychedelic, punk, post-rock or any other number of tribe music subcultures all that really makes an artist legit? Do you miss caring enough about a band to not only pay for their music, but to proudly wear their t-shirt to illicit conversation about this one-and-only, life-changing group of people? Were we simply naïve in our halcyon days of youth? Was the joke always on us? This is a black hole that has no possibility of light. God, I wish I was being sarcastic.

Regardless, the song works for today, which in the end counts for more than any other.

(Via GvB; Photo via SLEEP ∞ OVER)