Reason’s Hilariously Accurate ‘Worst Decade Ever’

I started my political education at Belmont University at the beginning of the ‘Aughts,’ and this video comprehensively embodies how sadly comical political life at the ‘top’ played out during my formative years. Good riddance.

‘Worse Decade Ever’ is part of a recent Nick Gillespie commentary for Reason, ‘Don’t Fear the 2010s!,’ which is also worth reading. The piece predicts a few inevitable panics coming in the ‘Teens’ … and encourages us to embrace them:

“While Mr. Abdulmutallab’s underwear bomb thankfully did not explode en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, his botched attempt (and the heroic acts of passengers) has reignited one of the decade’s most pervasive—and overblown—anxieties: that terrorist violence would become “the new normal,” an everyday occurrence in the United States.

As Ohio State political scientist John Mueller has documented, such fears are as erroneous as they are deeply held. “The likelihood that a person living outside a war zone will perish at the hands of an international terrorist over an eighty-year period is about one in 80,000,” wrote Mr. Mueller in the American Interest in 2008. “By comparison, an American’s chance of dying in an auto accident over the same time interval is one in eighty.” Well, rational analysis should never get in the way of strong feelings.”